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Who are you?


Arum Press is headed by Rupert Wilkes, and its core team works with a network of freelance publishing professionals.


What are you?


An independent publisher bringing authors’ works to print.  Ethical and transparent, we make self-publishing easy.


Where are you?


Kent coast – but thanks to the internet, we can be anywhere.


Why are you?


We saw that the world of publishing has changed dramatically in recent years.  Traditional publishers have seen their margins squeezed and most have become more averse to risk.  They will take an author on if they are already famous – but a new writer stands the tiniest of chances.  ‘Partnership’ (or what our grandparents called ‘vanity’) publishers are mostly faring fine, doing what they have always done.  We identified a gap in the market for an honest, straightforward, third way:  a publisher who will bring your book to market without creaming off your royalties.


Can I publish with you?


Provided you own the copyright, and your text is legal and decent, we will do what we can to help.  We specialise in fiction and academic non-fiction (histories and biographies) but are willing to explore other areas.  For more details, see the ‘publish with us’ page.

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